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About Me
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Details about Venkat......Well that's me.....

Well, I am 22.....Oops ok.....23...... Spare ur time if you have some........
My Best Moments in Life
1. When i was told that i have got an appreciation award for my work in DW by my employer.
2. When i was told that i have got an award for my work in the final year project during graduation.
3. When i got a call from one of the conferences, AMOC Thailand, to present a paper on Mobile Adhoc Networks.
Well there is one very important thing which was the best moment in my entire life. I would not comment about it here since i simply cannot put it in words. Thats the best thing that can happen to any person.
Man i hate hobbies. To be frank, i always do something different every time i am free..... So nothing in particular.......

Things i Hate:
Man i hate politics. But of course, if somebody offers me the post of PM, i would gladly accept it.

Taking a break from work

My Job!!!!

Well, I work in the field of DW. I have worked in the data modelling, tools like Cognos, Brio, Informatica, Business Objects. I have actual experience in Cognos, but the other tools i learnt just to get the feel of it. My other passion is Oracle.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Troy (Though i havent seen this, its my favourite since i heard the grappling story from the best story teller on 24th July 2005. It was far better than seeing the actual movie.)
Shawshank's Redemption

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

U2, Pink Floyd, Eminem

Attitude,Not Aptitude, Determines Altitude