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Why I Started This?
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Why I Started This?
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Why I Started This?

 Well, my journey into the realm of DW started back in 2004. You might wonder and even think of closing this page right now seeing that I have hardly 1-year experience in DW. I hope to change what you might be thinking. Coming back to the reason of why is started this; the DW world was so fascinating when I started that it made me explore in depth. I learnt a lot during (and am still learning) the past one year & would like reciprocating to the DW world by contributing this domain. My journey has been (and still is) eventful & has been enamored by lots of wonderful experiences. During my stint, I have met lots of people & have learnt a lot from them. What I am basically trying to do is to clear some of the misconceptions that exists/persists in the mind of some people. Even I am still learning my way into the DW world. My interactions with many people have helped me in chalking out the layout for this domain. All Comments/Feedback are most welcome. After all this is my first stint at writing something of such a magnitude. There might be people who might argue my way of thoughts in the DW domain. But again you can always mail me your thoughts & hence would help me in furthering my knowledge in this fraternity. All the statements here all my own way of imparting DW knowledge & do not endorse anyone else’s views.

Just read on.....

Attitude,Not Aptitude, Determines Altitude