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How to Start Isolating data
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How to Start Isolating data
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How to Start Isolating data?

 In order to build a data warehouse a strong business need is necessary. Building a Warehouse is costly. Business & Technical design of a DW goes hand in hand. Now the question is how do we build a warehouse? For this one must know what the DW is for? For a complete DW implementation, it is mandatory that the implementation teams consist of at least one business user. One who would be in a position to identify what happens when, why & how? Before the start of implementation, the following questions must be answered.


1.                  What are the metrics that are to be measured?

2.                  What do the metrics signify in the business scenario?

3.                  What are the other metrics/attributes that qualify these metrics?

4.                  What business units does this DW would cater?

5.                  Does the DW require cross BU analysis?

Plz Go Ahead..........

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