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Why I Started This?
Welcome to the DW World
How to Start Isolating data
Grain is the Grail
Facts & Dimensions
Oh Yeah, Its ETL Time
SCD, is this Table/Column dependent
Handling Error Loads


Hi, I am Venkatakrishnan Janakiraman. Well, here is a brief intro about me. I am basically from a place called Kalpakkam. I did my graduation in Electronics & Communication from College of Engineering, Guindy - Anna University. After my graduation, am working right now. The reason why i started this site was to give an intro about Data Warehousing. I would be adding new articles each and every week. Please do let me know ur feedback/comments since it would help me in developing this further.
Upcoming Articles:
MOLAP Vs ROLAP(Under Construction)
HUN's rule approach to SCD(Under Construction)
Reporting Tools comparison(Under Construction)
Different types of Dimensions(Under Construction)
Different types of facts(Under Construction)
The updates will be done every week..........

All ideas/thoughts expressed here are my own & does not endorse anyone else's views. I would like to take this as a medium to further the growth of DataWarehouses in many organizations.

What's New?

Just Check out "Handling Error Loads" page(Importance of Insert/Update flag in SCD-1)...........
Handling Error Loads (I am planning to publish a paper on this)
Wanna Know about grain......
Any doubts/queries can be mailed to me. If i am able to answer them, i would surely be publishing them. Even if i dont i would publish them to get feedback from people who know the answers.

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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